North American Banding Council

Developing a bander training and certification program to set standards of knowledge, experience and skills at levels of:

blue jay bulletAssistant: competence in handling and banding birds under direct supervision.

blue jay bulletBander: competence in all aspects of banding, including the design and carrying out of meaningful studies that involve the capturing, handling, identifying, ageing, sexing, banding, and measuring of birds; recording of data; and accurate and timely completion of banding schedules.

blue jay bulletTrainer: permittees with exceptional experience, knowledge, skill, and demonstrated teaching ability. Trainers will certify banders.

Preparing training manuals to serve as reference materials for trainers and prospective new banders, and enhance the knowledge and skills of existing banders.

blue jay bulletNorth AmericanBanders’ Study Guide

blue jay bulletInstructors’ Guide to Training Bird Banders in North America

blue jay bulletGuide to the Banding of North American Raptors

blue jay bulletGuide to the Banding of North American Passerines

blue jay bulletGuide to the Bandingof North American Hummingbirds

Other manuals are anticipated. Information about obtaining these manuals is on the NABC publications page