Photo/Video Policy

The Bird Bander’s Code Of Ethics states we are to band and process the bird using proper techniques and release it immediately.

Photographing and videoing birds in the hands of visitors is not permitted under the rules and ethical guidelines of a Federal Bird Banding Permit. 

All Federally licensed bird banders are accountable for their actions and the actions of their volunteers at their banding stations. Please help advocate good bird ethics when visiting banding stations!
We have methods of allowing you to have a photo taken with a bird, during its release, which adhere to the banders code of ethics. Ask the station operator for assistance, if time allows.
There are those who are doing everything in their power to stop bird banding and/or handling of any wild animals for research. No bander is exempt from the side-effects of activists … even those who have always strictly adhered to the rules and guidelines of their permits.
We encourage visitors and groups to visit banding stations. We hope you will show understanding when you are asked to put your recording device away, stop taking photographs/videos or when you get a reply of ‘no’ when you ask if photos are permitted under certain circumstances.
Bird banding stations are, technically, Federally sanctioned research stations.
We may be one of the only Federal research projects open to the public. Help us do whatever possible to maintain high standards and ethics. This will help sustain our bird conservation efforts through bird banding indefinitely.
Remember, it’s all about the birds! Not us!
Thank you!