Information for Volunteers

What should I bring? Bird book, binoculars, camera, bug spray.
What time should we arrive? 
– Spring/Fall Migration: 1 hour before sunrise if helping with nets.
– Saw-whet Owl: 1/2 hour before posted sunset.
What should I wear? Long pants, boots that can get wet, layers in winter.
How long will I be needed? As long as you are able to stay.
What can I do and when? Follow the steps here
Do I have to learn everything to volunteer? No, after being trained by an HBRC bander, you can just be a scribe (record data), carry bird bags, get birds out of the nets. If you wish to remove birds from the nets, you will  be required to learn every step of the training except ageing /sexing.
I have banded and/or removed birds from nets before. Can I help? No, not until you have trained with an HBRC bander.
Can I tell visitors/guests about bird banding and the research at the station I am voluteering at? Yes, only after approval of the station operator.