Winter Avian Ecology

This study is designed to monitor diversity of species, timelines of winter birds and migratory birds wintering over, how the winter bird population and diversity changes from winter to winter and frequency of returning migratory birds. We will also monitor how snowfall, temperature and weather conditions affects the changes, and do the weights of birds change from winter to winter related to weather data.

We are also looking at Black-capped Chickadee and Carolina Chickadee occurrences in our area. Both are encountered in our area in winter. Data shows that measurements may not be as reliable as we once thought. Our study will look at the measurements, plumage and DNA of these species to confirm species. Additionally, we hope to determine their frequency in our area, stopover/wintering ranges and possible resident range changes.

Banding will occur between the dates of November 15 to March 15. Extra attempts will be made to band on days with snow accumulation. Point counts will be conducted each morning to monitor all species encountered at the feeder area. Thistle seed, black oil sunflower seeds, bird seed mix and suet cakes will be used.