Founded in 2007 by T. K. Tolford, HBRC is dedicated to the study and preservation of all federally protected birds.

Our goals are:

To facilitate  training, education and research, by which we can expand our knowledge and understanding of all birds in an effort to promote bird conservation and help ensure their preservation.

To empower the public to contribute to the research. This research, in collaboration with other banders, has the potential of creating invaluable data for birds that reside or pass through the Midwest and the eastern U.S.

Educate the public to take steps to attract hummingbirds throughout the entire year, not just during spring, summer and fall and invite hummingbird banders to band hummingbirds that come to their feeders, learn about hummingbird banding and research.


HBRC research will include a variety of studies for birds and Hummingbirds.

Primary research projects include Spring Migration, Fall Migration, Winter Avian Ecology Study, Saw-whet Owl study and M.A.P.S.

Bird banding has provided data used to encourage land management, hunting regulations, knowledge of survivorship of birds, health and causes of death, productivity and survivorship, to name a few.


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