Grants and Funding

HBRC is all volunteer and relies on grants and donations to offset expenses. Stipends and/or salaries are not part of HBRC. All funds are used solely for banding equipment, traveling expenses to presentations and training opportunities, printing costs, advertisement/web, etc., etc.

Currently, Audubon Miami Valley of Ohio is our “pass-thru” 501[c]3 organization.

Below is a list of grants awarded and donations given to the efforts of HBRC.

–Northern Saw-whet Owl DNA sequencing study in collaboration with Wright State University. Audubon Society Collaborative Fund Grant: $2,260.00. (2012)
–Bander apprenticeship, tools, equipment, expenses for a Gilmore Ponds, an IBA. Audubon Society Collaborative Fund Grant: $2500.00 (2010)
–Winter Avian Ecology Study & Black-capped/Carolina Chickadee Study:                  Indiana Audubon Society: $650.00 (2011)
–Application fee for non-profit status: Indiana Audubon Society. $335.00 (2011)
–Saw-whet Owl Research: $1,000/yr. (anonymous donor)
–Gilmore Ponds: $230/yr from Audubon Miami Valley of Ohio
–Miscelaneous ‘pass-thru’ donations since 2007 through Audubon Miami Valley of Ohio: approximately $20,000 since 2007 including funds for:
Overhead projector, projector screen, tabletop display, mist nets, owl callers, bird portrait prints and magnets to sell as fundraisers, display racks for prints, construction of a banding laboratory, all-weather metal signage at banding stations, HBRC annual volunteer recognition gathering, to name a few.

A special thank you to all who have contributed! A short list of contributors and volunteers who have made our projects a continued success is below, and will be updated regularly!

(Since 1998)

(One-time or ongoing)

Audubon Miami Valley of Ohio
Julie Coffman
David Dister
Hardy & Barb Eshbaugh
Jan Fink
Sam and Terri Fitton
Debbie Iding
Marsh Lindner
Nancy Tolford-Peeno
John Price
Raptor Inc.
Heather Raymond
Tim & Carrie Tolford
Elizabeth Wakeman Henderson Charitable Foundation


Mike Busam
Chrissy Dieckhoner
Dave Dister
Heather Farrington
Sam Fitton
Chuck Holliday
Bob Holmes
Debbie Iding
Colleen Kramer
Ali Lacker
Bruce Stewart
Bill Wilson
and many, many more!!!

Past HBRC Volunteers/Trainees who now have a banding permit

Eric Burgess, Sam Fitton, Gregg Kelly, John Kuenzli,
Ric Lusetti, Rex Miller, Sheila Miller, Sharon Pawlowski,
Dave Russell (master permit), Anne Smedley


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