About HBRC


Founded in 2007 by T. K. Tolford, HBRC is dedicated to the study and preservation of all federally protected birds.

Our goals are:

To facilitate  training, education and research, by which we can expand our knowledge and understanding of all birds in an effort to help ensure their preservation.

To empower the public to contribute to the research. This research, in collaboration with other banders, has the potential of creating invaluable data for birds that reside or pass through the Midwest and the eastern U.S.

Educate the public to take steps to attract hummingbirds throughout the entire year, not just during spring, summer and fall and invite hummingbird banders to band hummingbirds that come to their feeders, learn about hummingbird banding and research.


HBRC research will include a variety of studies for birds and Hummingbirds.

Primary research projects include Spring Migration, Fall Migration, Winter Avian Ecology Study, Saw-whet Owl study and M.A.P.S.

Bird banding has provided data used to encourage land management, hunting regulations, knowledge of survivorship of birds, health and causes of death, productivity and survivorship, to name a few.


After 14 years of banding, it was decided that those involved should become part of an organized effort. Therefore, The Hummer/Bird Banding Research Collaborative (HBRC) was initiated by founder T. K. Tolford in July of 2007.

Since 1993, over 10,000 birds representing 136 species have been banded by HBRC banders.

More projects have been added and more useful data is currently being researched through bird banding. Our methods adhere to strict guidelines set forth by the Bird Banding Laboratory, the USGS Biological Resources Division, the North American Bird Banding Council and fellow banders. HBRC Banders are authorized to band neotropical migrants and other birds in accordance with defined research programs.

While non-profit status is being applied for, the Hummer/Bird Banding Research Collaborative is sponsored by Audubon Miami Valley which is a [IRS 501(c)3] non-profit organization based in Oxford, Ohio.

 The research programs we are connected with through the Hummer/Bird Study Group, the Project Owlnet, Ohio Bird Banding Association, Black Swamp Bird ObservatoryAvian Research Education Institute, to name a few, have been ongoing since 1993. Over 1 million songbirds are banded annually in the U.S. and over 100,000 hummingbirds have been banded in the U.S. in the past 20 years.

HBRC research will include a variety of studies for birds and Hummingbirds. Songbird studies will include Spring Migration, Fall Migration and M.A.P.S. (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship). Northern Saw-whet Owl research. The two areas in which HBRC will focus its efforts in relation to Hummingbirds will be migration patterns of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, and documentation, identification, timeline and migration routes of Western Hummingbirds which, we have recently discovered, pass through Ohio and the Eastern U.S. during Winter.

Bander and Volunteer training occur each winter. Contact Tim Tolford for details.

Additional banding research projects HBRC banders are currently involved in include the following:

– Bluebird Nestling Study 

– Kestrel Nestling Study

– Screech Owl Nestling Study

– Saw Whet Owl Study

– Purple Martin Study

– Various educational banding demonstrations for youth, adults and families.

– Training opportunities for banders